Way Cool Customs

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Harley Davidson Sportster

My Sportster project bike.

Junior McAninch, Owner, ASE Certified


Location: About 1.5 hours north-east of Pittsburgh, PA.

Biography - Some history on Junior and Way Cool Customs

Way Cool Customs is my passion. I work daily at Blue Moon Autobody where we concentrate in late model reconstruction. Any major collision repair you see here is done at Blue Moon Autobody. Please bear with us on the photo gallery, some of the earlier pictures were taken by me. Rob McAninch Photography is now doing most of the photography work so you'll see better pictures of my custom finishing.

I am an ASE Certified Master technician in Collision Repair and Refinishing with an Associate degree in Automotive Technology from a nationally recognized institute. I have over 20 years of experience; I can build a car or bike from a pile of parts. Recently, I have started to concentrate on bikes. I love to customize and paint just about anything! (Check out the Gallery: Other category.)

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